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My jewelry offers the twenty-first-century collector an array of handmade, wearable pieces of art. The cohesive designs result from my research into 1940s and 50s modern American craft. My vision is to reflect and respond to mid-century design aesthetics with a contemporary approach.

AH pendants, brooches, earrings, bolos, and rings are fabricated primarily in sterling or Argentium® silver. Argentium® contains a higher silver content than sterling and tarnishes much less. Frequently my work incorporates other materials such as Chemetal, gold, brass, acrylic, glass, and gemstones.


Since 2015, Ann Howington has designed and crafted her jewelry in Denton, Texas.  The modern designs use precious metals, gemstones and a variety of other materials. Ann believes that each new collection offers her an opportunity to learn something different and to expand her skills.

The desire to keep developing her work aesthetic and to push her abilities to new limits keeps the designs fresh and unique. Take the time to fully explore Ann's Jewelry Portfolio and get a real sense of what AH Jewelry can do and bring to interested clients.

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